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Smashing Grapes Kitchen and Wine Bar revealed as first restaurant for Marlow

Smashing Grapes, a kitchen and wine bar that fuses Mediterranean and California Coastal cuisine, is the first restaurant announced to be located in Marlow, the mixed-use apartment building with ground floor retail that is currently under-construction in the Merriweather District.

Smashing Grapes is from the same ownership group as Blackwall Barn & Lodge, which is slated to open in Juniper later this year. Smashing Grapes has locations open now in Gambrills and Annapolis.

The website for Smashing Grapes spotlights its expansive wine list that includes more than 350 wines from Spain, Argentina, Germany, California, and beyond. The restaurant offers a special wine-tasting experience by reservation-only. In addition to its wine list, Smashing Grapes’ seasoned chef, David Ly menu highlights Coastal California inspired dishes with sustainably sourced, unique ingredients. The existing Smashing Grapes are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, as well as a Sunday Brunch.

Menu options include the grilled avocado tacos made with corn tortillas, topped with Fresno chili dressing and the California burger featuring a vegan patty, smashed avocado, lettuce, tomato, and grilled corn salsa. Pursue the Annapolis menu or Gambrills menu of Smashing Grapes to get a better sense of its food offerings.

When Blackwall Barn & Lodge was announced for the Merriweather District back in February 2022, it was hinted that the ownership group could open a Smashing Grapes location as well. The brochure for 6300 Merriweather includes a Merriweather District site plan that includes Smashing Grapes as a retailer in Marlow, which I'm taking as confirmation.

Smashing Grapes appears on the latest Merriweather District site-plan from the 6300 Merriweather Brochure
Photo by me of construction progress of Marlow on 8/25, where Smashing Grapes will be located.

Once construction of Marlow is complete, it will likely take another 3 to 6 months for Smashing Grape to complete the fit-in of their space, so I would estimate an opening no sooner than late 2023.



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