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Blackwall Hitch coming to Merriweather District

Blackwall Hitch, a coastal-inspired seafood restaurant, has leased space in the Merriweather District, as reported yesterday by The Baltimore Business Journal. The Baltimore Business Journal reports that the restaurant will occupy a 10,000 (!!!) square foot space and open in October 2022. Blackwall Hitch has existing locations in Annapolis, Baltimore, Alexandria, and Rehoboth Beach.

The website describes the concept:

A dining experience blending the area's finest in tastes & talents, Blackwall Hitch is a coastally inspired concept that creates a local connection. Here you'll find seasonally driven and locally sourced food and spirits, great local music and the area's friendliest staff and patrons. With each visit as you take in the local flavor, we guarantee you'll be hook in no time. Get hooked on the flavor.

The menu of the Baltimore location includes plenty of seafood options like oysters, crabcakes, and fresh fish; but also features flatbreads, a signature burger, and salads. The restaurants are known for lively brunches and live music.

The Columbia restaurant will be managed by Titan Hospitality Group, which owns and operates the Annapolis and Alexandria locations. A separate ownership group owns the Baltimore and Rehoboth Beach locations, though the concept and menus of all locations seem nearly identical. Titan Hospitality Group also owns Blackwall Barn and Lodge, an events venue in Gambills Maryland; and Smashing Grapes, a Mediterranean/California fusion wine bar and kitchen. The ownership group told the Baltimore Business Journal that if Columbia's Blackwall Hitch is successful, they could consider opening a Smashing Grapes here as well.

At 10,000 square feet, the restaurant will be about 3 times larger than Dok Khao Thai Eatery or Clove and Cardamom, and nearly as big as the Busboy and Poets. No word on the precise location in The Merriweather District the restaurant will be located, but my guess is it will combine the B140 and B150 restaurant spaces to the left of Dok Khao Thai Eatery that appear on the leasing map. Blackwall Hitch joins Peter Chang and Toastique on the list of restaurants that are coming soon to the Merriweather District.

Image on Blackwall Hitch on Titan Hospitality Group website.

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