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Yappy Hour at The “Green Thing”

What could be better than a beer and a dog on a hot summer afternoon in Columbia’s “Central Park”?

Not the kind of dog with mustard, but the kind you pet and walk and play fetch with - in other

words, your best friend, Fido. Or Rover. Or Spot. Or even Charlie.

Canine of the Smaller Kind (Photo credits: A. Giles and A. Cummings)
Runway Pup (Photo credits: A. Giles and A. Cummings)

For Dogs (and People) of All Ages and Sizes

On one recent Wednesday evening, I walked over to the park and stage at the Chrysalis* (that

big “green thing” in Columbia’s downtown park, Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods) with

a bunch of other dog people who mixed and mingled on leash for two hours.

Family of Golden Posers (Photo credits: A. Giles and A. Cummings)

Yappy Hour is new in 2022 through the fall, each Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 PM. Everyone is

welcome but encouraged to pre-register to receive news of any changes or cancellations. Up to 40 people pre-register each week.

The Staff is Ready to Serve You (Photo credits: A. Giles and A. Cummings)

On My Wednesday

Dogs first met each other on-leash and excitedly but they quickly settled down. The heat may

have had something to do with that but there was a lovely breeze blowing through the green

Chrysalis which added to the ambiance and conversations.

Snacks are available for purchase as well as soft drinks, water (for canines and humans), beer,

and wine.

Sharing Libations and a Smile (Photo credits: A. Giles and A. Cummings)

I can’t wait for Wednesday evening!

Events at the “Chris” (the Chrysalis) are organized by Columbia’s not-for-profit Inner Arbor

About the Author: Skye Anderson is a resident of Clary's Forest, an Army veteran, and is serving her 5th term on the Hickory Ridge Village Board. She is also a nationally certified professional dog trainer and has taught college genetics.

Please contact Jeremy Dommu at if you are interested in submitting a guest author article contribution.



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