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Village Board Elections

All ten Columbia villages will be holding elections later this spring to elect new village board members. This is a great opportunity for anybody looking to get more involved in their neighborhood and help make their community a better place to live! In addition to electing new village boards, six villages listed will be electing a single representative to serve on the Columbia Association Board of Directors.

Each village center has slightly different rules, but generally, interested individuals must file their candidacy by a specified deadline during the second week of March by submitting a 150 word statement to their village board manager. All elections will be held April 25, 2020.

The full details and deadlines for each village center can be found on the websites below.

Hickory Ridge: March 11, 5 PM

Wilde Lake: March 11, 9 PM

Harper’s Choice: March 14, 5 PM

Town Center March 13, noon

River Hill: March 21, 9 PM

Long Reach: March 20, noon

Dorsey's Search: March 20

Oakland Mills: March 13, 4 PM

Owen Brown: Couldn't find deadline

King's Contrivance: Couldn't find deadline

Additionally, The Columbia Association is hosting an information session this Saturday February 22 at 10 AM at CA HQ – 6310 Hillside Court to give interested individuals an opportunity to learn more about the CA Board of Directors and what that role entails.



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