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Updates from the Mall in Columbia: AMC Theatre reopens today; Live Music on Friday & Saturday Nights

Checking in on The Mall in Columbia with a couple interesting tidbits.

  • AMC Columbia 14 Movie Theater Reopens Today The AMC Movie Theatre reopens today - Thursday September 10 after being closed for 6 months. This is permitted after Howard County moved into Phase 3 of reopening on September 4th. Under this phase, movie theaters and live entertainment venues are permitted to operate at 50% capacity. The AMC Columbia 14 will start screening movies while operating under their new AMC Safe & Clean policies, which includes limited capacity, social distancing standards, cashless transactions, and masks required at all time (except when eating food and beverage inside the auditorium). So, provided you have a jumbo size tub of popcorn on your lap that you are slowly nibbling on, you should be good to keep your mask pulled down under your chin throughout the duration of the film. Kidding of course, please keep your mask on! If you are so inclined to go see Tenent, The Broken Hearts Gallery, or The Personal History of David Copperfield on the big screen, you are braver than me, so please share what is like to see a movie in a movie theater in the modern age.

  • Expanded Outdoor Dining Areas and Live Music on the Pedestrian Promenade. Expanded outdoor dining areas have been set up at Uncle Julio's, Seasons 52, Maggiano's, and Walrus Oyster & Ale House. Not only that, but they now overlook live music on most Friday and Saturday nights through October 3 between 6 PM and 8 PM. Check out the concert lineup and more deets here.

  • And I haven't ventured inside the mall itself, but I understand nearly all stores are open and operating at reduced capacities. Lord & Taylor is in process of liquidating and ShieldPals sells cutesy decorated facemasks and shields. For those who have ventured inside - what's it like? Eerie like "ghost town" eerie or eerie like "everything is normal" eerie?


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