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Saturday afternoon Bikeabout

This post has some pictures from my Saturday afternoon bikeabout around downtown Columbia. I noticed a handful of interesting things, so scroll through the pictures to join me on my journey and read my picture captions for my insights. Incidentally, the blogger who writes my second favorite DC blog - Popville - did walkabouts around DC neighborhoods as part of his research. My version is the bikeabout. So if you see a guy in a bright yellow biking jacket straddling his bicycle while taking camera phone pictures through the windows of retail spaces with coming soon signs, please say hello!

These GrillMarx coming soon signs have been up since summer. I hadn't noticed much progress being made in months but the inspection certificates on the window are dated 2/19/20, so things are definitely moving forward even if it's not visible.

Inside Grillmarx

Another picture of inside Grillmarx

28000 square feet of retail available on the ground level of the Lake House apartments at the lake.

Lakehouse Apartments with space for ground floor retail

Liquor store coming to the mall between Kung Fu Tea and Halal Guys.

Also, a fidelity bank coming to the mall across from where Akira will be. Yawn.

And Chase ATMs just a store storefronts away. Double yawn.

Now this much more exciting! The playground equipment has arrived at the future Millie Bailey park at the lake next to Whole Foods. See:

Another view of the future park!

Busboys on February 22.



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