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New Merriweather District site plan reveals location of new restaurant and other leasing activity

An updated site plan for Merriweather District was posted on the HR retail website this past week revealing the location of Medium Rare and showing other leasing activity in the Merriweather District.

Here's an image of the March 4, 2022 version (<--- click this link for a high-resolution PDF), which was just posted this week.

Here's an image of the January 17, 2022 version (<--- click this link for a high-resolution PDF).

Here are my insights on what the changes to the map reveal:

  • The biggest takeaway is the location of Medium Rare. The steakhouse will be located in a 3,275 SF space in the Northeast corner of Juniper at the corner of Merriweather Drive and Valencia Lane. See my article Medium Rare will open in Merriweather District this fall. The WTOP article that broke the news last month stated that the restaurant would "face the Colorburst Park performance stage", so its actual location comes as a bit of a surprise.

  • Two other restaurant spaces in Juniper are now leased. The 5,200 SF space in the Northwest corner and the 3,063 SF location in the Southwest corner of Juniper changed from "at-lease" (blue) to "leased" (yellow). This means the tenant has officially signed a lease and I presume an announcement is imminent.

  • No indication on this new map of the location of Blackwall Hitch. See my article Blackwall Hitch coming to Merriweather District. The Baltimore Business Journal article that first announced this news indicated that the restaurant would open in a 10,000 SF location this October in Merriweather District. Presuming this reporting is accurate, my guess is it would combine the two large spaces (5,072 SF site B140 and 5,500 SF site B150) in Juniper along Colorburst Park. But it is a bit odd that the map hasn't been updated to reveal its location.

  • 3 spaces in Marlow have changed from "Available" to "At Lease" or "LOI", so leasing activity in Marlow is happening too!

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