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Motherload Alert! We hit the Motherload!

Reader David Dayrit was kind enough to point me to the leasing brochure for the Merriweather District which contains a detailed street-level map that labels every single retail space (and there are over forty in total!) that will be part of the The Merriweather District. I’ve been looking for this map ever since it was referenced in a Baltimore Business Journal article a few months ago, and it was right there on the Internet just waiting to be found! The map labels the four retail spaces that are already leased, so you can see exactly where Busboy & Poets, Matchbox, Clove & Cardamon, and Dok Chao Thai Eatery will be located but it also uses generic descriptors for all other retail spaces so we can get a much better sense of what is to come. Plus, it shows that most of the retail spaces in phase 1 are already at the “at-lease” or “Letter of Intent” stage of the leasing process, meaning that a retailer or restaurant has signaled their intent to lease and/or is currently negotiating a lease to occupy that space.

You should definitely check out the 24-page brochure (link above) for yourself as it contains tons of details and renderings of what the Merriweather District will look like and it truly gives you a sense of the size and scope of such an ambitious project. This is no run of the mixed-used development. The Merriweather District is going to be a freaking city!

I note the following for phase 1:

Leased (4): The restaurants that we already know about: Busboy & Poets, Matchbox, Clove and Cardamon, & Dok Chao Thai Eatery

At-lease (8) : Eight retail bays that are labeled “Latin Fusion Restaurant”, “Ice Cream”, “Salon”, two labeled “Specialty Fitness”, one labeled “Boutique Fitness”, and two just labeled “Restaurant”. At-lease means that financial and other key details are in process of being negotiated.

Letter of Intent (4): - An 8,500 sqft “Beer focused Restaurant”, a 7,200 sqft “National Steakhouse/American Grill”, one just labeled “Restaurant”, and a huge 20,000 square foot “Retail” space (which is big enough to fit a small grocery store like a Trader Joes or a possibly a movie theater!). Letter of Intend means the retailer/restaurant has signaled their intent to lease that spot.

Available (3): These spots are currently available. Two labeled “restaurant” and one labeled “cafe”, which will be its own standalone building at the opposite end of Color Burst Park from Busboys.

The filename is labeled with the date January 6, 2020, so I'm sure some leases have been signed and/or advanced over the past month.



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