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Gourmet Toast and Juice Bar Toastique leases space in Color Burst Park

Toastique, purveyor of customizable gourmet toasts, all-natural smoothies, cold-pressed juices and acai bowls, has leased a space in Color Burst Park in the Merriweather District. The juice bar will be located in a standalone building where there is currently a fenced-in gravel surface adjacent to the splash pad on the opposite end of the park from the Color Burst Park stage.

The future home of Toastique

Toastique currently has 5 locations (3 in DC, 1 in Old Town Alexandria, VA, and 1 in Stone Harbor, NJ). The website describes the concept:

Toastique is a boutique gourmet toast and juice bar offering a fresh, chic, rustic experience that perfectly transitions from early on-the-go breakfast to corporate lunch to post sweat session fuel up. Toastique offers fresh, seasonal and responsibly sourced products and a feel-good atmosphere all day long.
When you eat great, you feel great. When you feel great, you are ready to drive your next adventure and stimulate your very best you. Inspired by Washington DC’s international personalities, picturesque destinations, yet retaining the neighborly small-town ambience, we strive to infuse our menu with the same energy and heart.
We take pride in only using the kind ingredients for your bodies while doing something we are proud of everyday. Our mission is to make eating healthy accessible and exciting, simple to understand and appreciate, and easy to enjoy.

Some of the items on the Toastique menu includes toasts like Avocado Smash, 3 Cheese Italian, Tomato Burrata, and Tuscan Tuna; bowls named Blue Majik and Mango Tango; smoothies called Green Machine and Purple Heart; and juices include Detoxify, Defender, and Recharge.

The retail map for the Merriweather District on the H&R Retail Merriweather District website was updated earlier this week. See Merriweather District site plan 9.28.21. The updated map shows Toastique's location, color-coded in yellow indicating the site has officially been leased.

A portion of the most updated Merriweather District site plan, updated 9/28, showing Toastique in Color Burst Park

Other items of note from the updated retail map indicate that Amanda Gallagher Orthodontics and Inspired Nail Bar and Spa have also leased spaces in the Juniper Building. Only 3 "Available for Lease", shown in orange in this map, remain in the Juniper building. The blue and pink spaces are either "At Lease" or "Letter of Intent" phase of the leasing process, which means it will only be a matter of time before we find out who all these other new retail tenants will be. Finally, the large ground-level space of 6100 Merriweather Drive - the Tenable building - is earmarked with a "Daycare" label. While I was hoping for a small grocery store in that space, a daycare will sure be convenient for families with babies and toddlers who reside downtown.

Portion of retail site plan showing a space for a daycare on the ground level of the Tenable Building.

Toastique, Inspire Nails, and Amanda Gallagher Orthodontics with join Clove and Cardamom, Dok Khao Thai Eatery, YogaSix, and The Charmery - all of which are currently open. Busboy and Poets opens Sunday October 10 at 4 PM, the same day as the Books in Bloom festival in Color Burst Park featuring Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Since the building Toastique will be located is not yet constructed, I imagine it will still be some time before the toast and juice bar opens.


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Looks like you are becoming Columbia's restaurant critique! The map is especially helpful.

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