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Friday Question of the Day: How do you plan to pass the time over the next few weeks?

Social distancing is crucial to flatten the curve and prevent the coronavirus pandemic from worsening. With school’s closed, events canceled, and activities on hiatus, we are all going to be spending a lot more time in our homes. So, let’s hive-mind ways to pass the time. I’ll start with a handful of our plans.

  1. Check out the online resources from the Howard County Library (

  2. Read Harry Potter with my 7 year old (We recently finished reading Sorcerer’s Stone, and the plan was to read one book each year – but we might make an exemption and start Chamber of Secrets now)

  3. Mulch, plant, and other spring garden maintenance

  4. Do our taxes

  5. Run or Bike outside

  6. Blog!

What are your ideas? Comment on Facebook.



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