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Endorsement: Janssen Evelyn for Howard County Council District 4

Janssen Evelyn is The Merriweather Post's choice for Howard County Council District 4 in the Democratic Primary on July 19. Janssen prioritizes pragmatic and progressive legislation to create self-sustaining neighborhoods that invite and empower people to live, work, play and grow here. Now more than ever, we need bold leaders like Janssen with the courage and determination to advance solutions rooted in our common values and vision to fulfill Columbia’s promise to future generations for neighborhoods that are sustainable, thriving, and resilient.

The future of Howard County is bright. We are still in the early stages of the redevelopment of a new thriving Downtown in Columbia that can serve as an economic engine for our country, contain a myriad of arts, culture, dining, and entertainment options that enhance our quality of life, and provide abundant housing choices and other infrastructure needs to sustain our county and allow us to flourish. In continuation of Columbia's foundation as an inclusive welcoming vibrant community that is intentionally designed to lift residents up and create opportunity, we need forward-looking leaders, like Janssen, willing to tackle the pressing issues of our time in order to ensure this vision of a bold future is actualized.

Here's a quote from Janssen on Downtown Columbia redevelopment from a recent Facebook video:

Janssen's life experiences, professional background, and impressive commitment to community service have prepared him for this role. I can personally attest to his quick wit, intelligence, and passion for community from our tenure serving together on the Hickory Ridge Village Board.

If you support a thriving vibrant Downtown Columbia and want forward-looking representatives in local government who are focused on the future instead of the past, then Janssen Evelyn, the "Mayor of Merriweather," is the pick to be the next Councilmember representing District 4 on the Howard County Council. Please join me in supporting Janssen Evelyn in the democratic primary election. Vote by Mail, vote early (July 7 to July 14), or vote on election day on July 19th.

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