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Checking in on The Merriweather District - February 9 Edition

Below are pictures of my Sunday bike ride exploration through the Merriweather District where I noted some serious progress being made. It's becoming much easier to understand the layout. A few observations. First, Busboys and Poets is going to be huge and placed right in the center of the development - visible from all sides. Second, signage is up showing where the other restaurants will be. Matchbox will be right across from Busboys alongside the public park area, called Color Burst Park, with Dok Khao Thai Eatery a bit further down at the halfway point of the park. Clove and Cardamom is around on the corner right off Merriweather Drive so it will be the first restaurant you see when coming from Hickory Ridge Road. There are plenty of other retail spaces along the park as more retail bays on the front and side of Juniper.



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