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CA and Village Election Predictions

Here are my election predictions for today. Hyper-local elections like this are extremely difficult to predict, and the only thing I'm confident about is that turnout will be historic. But, I like making predictions, so here goes.

The campaigning, signs, and mailers in this election are going to make a difference - giving the edge to the candidates who were endorsed by the African American Coalition of Howard County and The Rouse Project, but I do predict several incumbents hold on to their seat. Outside of the campaign expenditures, door-knocking, name recognition, and candidates own networks are going to play a huge role in who ends up winning.

Turnout: For context, in last year's contested CA race in Harper's Choice, just 220 total votes were cast in the initial election day tally (thus, requiring an extension of voting since the 10% threshold was not met). This year, with 6 hotly contested CA races and all the interest, my prediction is that total votes cast across all villages will skyrocket into the 6,000 to 8,000 range. Remember, many villages allow only one vote per household, so this is a huge turnout!

Columbia Council (CA Board) Predictions

Hickory Ridge: Jessamine Duvall

Long Reach: Janet Evans

Wilde Lake: Tina Horn

Oakland Mills: Rashida George

Dorsey's Search: Dick Boulton

King's Contrivance: Broderick Young

Hickory Ridge Village Board

Janssen Evelyn

Gregg Schwind

Fred Johnston

Skye Anderson

Kristine Amari



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