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Akira Ramen & Izakaya to soft-open this Thursday March 5!

Akira Ramen and Izakaya (10101 Twin Rivers Rd) at Ten.M.flats at the mall will soft open at 5 pm this Thursday, March 5 according to a post on their Facebook page over the weekend. The menu boosts eight varieties of ramen and many different selections of cold soba and udon noodles. As is typical of an Izakaya, the restaurant will also serve a variety of small dishes and snacks including sashimi, karaage fried chicken, yakitori skewers, carpaccio, poke, gyoza pork dumplings, tempura, seaweed fries, and plenty other mouth-watering options to accompany their selection of sake and Japanese beer. The restaurant features a large sake bar up front and a ramen counter overlooking the kitchen towards the back, plus booth and table seating throughout. The owners were nice enough to let me in last week to snap a few pictures, so check those out below and the look over the menu on their website.

It looks like Akira will win the race against Urban Hot Pot to be the first to open, though it won't be much of a competition once the two restaurants are open as I learned they share a majority-owner.

Ramen Counter


Sake Bar!

Front Entrance



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