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It may be a bit zany, but a fun thing I like to do is to grab a quick pic or selfie at a meeting, event, or random encounter while out and about in our community.  Yeah, I know, I'm a goof, but I'm looking forward to my chance to get a selfie with you!

Hey, if I' going to do a selfie series might as well start at the top.  I was absolutely floored when Calvin Ball told me that he is already a reader of the blog!

Hey - If I'm going to dedicate a page on my website to a selfie series, I might as well start at the top!  My first meeting with Dr. Calvin Ball!  I was absolutely floored to learn that he is already a reader of The Merriweather Post!


The very first sponsors of The Merriweather Post - Missi Hamet and Libby Zupnik of the Kramer Hamet team of Cummings & Co!!!  Missi and Libby helped my family find our perfect home in Columbia last year, so I'm honored to have these smart businesswomen as the very first sponsors of The Merriweather Post.  I can personally give them the highest of recommendations for their knowledge of Columbia, experience in the buying/selling process, and just generally good people to spend countless weekend hours driving around Columbia with going from house to house to house to house!


Receiving a PhD in HoCo Blogging from Master Blogger - Scott E!

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